NOOK 앱 리뷰

Losing all my books

I am absolutely sick and tired of the Nook app suddenly deciding I am running a little too low on disk space for its own comfort (2.26 GB available) and removing the books from my device and making me download them again. STUPID. No other app does this to me. So, on multiple occasions, I open my Nook app because I’m in the middle of no where (meaning “NO INTERNET ACCESS”) and low & behold ... all my books are gone. My books are the most important item on my iPad ... more than my music, movies, etc. I sure wish Barnes & Noble agreed with me, but obviously not. Nook really, really needs a switch where I can select “NEVER REMOVE A BOOK FROM THIS DEVICE WITHOUT MY EXPLICIT PERMISSION. I AM AN ADULT AND FULLY AWARE OF THE POTENTIAL CONSEQUENCES OF MY DECISION.” If this is something Apple forced on you, that would be good to know too. Please get this fixed. I’m tired of lugging around a semi-useful paper weight when I’m traveling in remote areas. BTW, it’s also a pain to keep re-downloading my books over and over.

Keeps crashing

When I first got the app it was really nice. Then after several updates on Barnes & Noble‘s end this stupid app keeps crashing I have to keep re-downloading my books it’s completely annoying it makes me love the Kindle app more and I’m sad that I had to give it one star

Used to be good

This app used to be good but now whenever I pull it up I need to redownload my books (and have not used it on a different device). Normally when at home this isn’t a big deal but when you are taking off on a plane and realize you now can’t read, it’s a bit annoying.


This NOOK App is amazing! I can read any of the books I want. It encourages me to read because of the great quality work of the books and pages. If you don’t have this app, get it!!! 📚📖💜

Above and Beyond

I tried this app out of desperation. I have my own ebooks on iPhone X but reader apps are poorly designed and leave tons of unused space around margins. Not so with the book app. It hits the sweet spot for customization and doesn’t make you pay to change font color. You can fully theme your pages to your heart’s content not just preselected colors like in kindle app. And lastly the best part is that I can load my own books into this app to read. I don’t care for kindle or nook shopping service but just because nook supports bringing your own books, I will take a look at their shop and consider purchasing from them in the future. TLDR: leagues above the kindle app and other e-readers. Well done.

What would I do without my NOOK!!!!?

I’ve been a nook owner for about 10 years, I had the nook color, the nook HD, and now the e-tab, I traded the nook color for my e-tab, still using the nook HD! They have been AWESOME!!!! The only thing I miss is downloading movies from BN! Thank you for a GREAT PRODUCT!!!

It's ok

It works ok but seems to eat battery power, brightness setting changes randomly (with updates?), and can't order books from it, which is a bit of a pain.

App closes- malfunction

I downloaded the B & N/"Nook" app, bought a book and haven't been able to access it. When I select the book, the screen turns white with the title of the book on the upper left "page", then my home screen shows up. After calling the local B & N store, I was instructed to go to 'the' and follow the instructions there. Seriously?!

Constant companion

Nook is my first choice when purchasing books. I love the app but wish there were easier ways to organize and larger capacity.

Could be nicer if...

If you guys would add purchasing from the store right onto this app it would be 20 times better!!! I like the convenience of having my books on my device but it is completely stupid that I have to go to the b&n website to purchase the nook nook then open my app to read it. This app would get 5 stars if you added support of making purchases on the app.

Not working on iPhone 6s

App will not open. Reinstalled it three times now. This is bad, because I have an account already established, and I can’t access my purchases.


Nook for my book needs!

Organizing nook books

My only complaint is that there is no way to see unshelved books. I typically shelve by author, and I really hate it when I am looking for one and can’t find it because I failed to shelve it. How hard could it be to add?

Lost books

Every time - every time! - my phone locks, I lose my books and have to download them again. As definitions for inconvenient go, that’s pretty good.

Old nook

It may be old, but it has never failed. Very good app. If you have an older nook or want the app to read on iPhone or iPad, this is it.

This App Didn’t Work For Me

I would love to use this app because I love reading and I thought oh maybe I can just read some books on this app in my spare time but it turns out, if you want to read a book on the app, you have to purchase that same book from Barnes and Noble to read it on the app! I just wish you could read a book on this app without having to purchase it first.

Keeps crashing while trying to open new book :(

3/4/18 Just bought a new Nook book and every time I try to open it (tried at least 3 times) the app crashes. 😡 Rebooted my iPad and still the app crashes! I cannot open my book. 😡😡😡 Even archiving it and re-downloading it I still can’t open it. 😡 Oddly enough, it opens ok on my iPhone.

Love my books

I have had a nook e reader for 5 years nook is amazing but is a little bit much sometimes. This app has made it so easy for me to have my books with me at all times


The current book I am reading makes me download it every time I go into the app. Frustrating.

Can't live without it!

Love that I can read my nook books anywhere I want using this app!

Another home run from Joyce Meyer!

This book has been a real awakening for me. I’m sure I will get more out of it the second time I read it. It is deep and to the point on all counts. Thank you for once again sharing your experience, God’s strength and the resultant joy awaiting all those who continue to steadfastly Believe. Bless you always. Kristie, Bellingham, WA

Some things to include

I think you should put a genre section for further organization. For example realistic fiction, historical fiction, fiction, non-fiction, true stories, etc. Plus, I think you should do a sort of thing of where you take the books that are new and send a notification or something for the person to see if they like it. Including, a quiz or something to see what kind of books or genre the person using the app likes. Also, to be more specific, I think you should do a more organized way for books of certain ages like 10-12, 50+, etc. And finally, I think you should be more specific with the kinds of books like, Harry Potter, first person, deaf+blind people, etc. I hope you update the app!

love it!!

I Love My NOOK! The only reason I didn't give it five stars is because I wish I could rearrange my books the way I want them and it is virtually impossible. Other than that it's great!

Nook app keeps crashing

Whenever I try to open the app, it begins to load, freezes, then crashes without even fully opening the app. The same thing is happening on my phone. I’v even deleted and r downloaded the app and changed the setting on the app to log me out. Nothing has worked!

Doesn’t even open!

I downloaded that app and it doesn’t even open! It crashed the second it tries to open. I have an assignment due tomorrow and I’m REALLY frustrated about this! I paid for my book and I can’t even read it

Nook App On iPad

This app is an appropriate replacement for when my Nook was stolen. Now, I do not have 2 devices to manage. The only downsides are that I can no longer enjoy on-line magazines or enhanced books. I appreciate the bookshelves as I can organize my library the way that I want it.

Night Road

A wonderful spell bounding book with enough twist turning events to hold the readers attention all the way from the beginning until the end. From the beginning I just knew this was a book I could ‘t put down until I read just a little more which meant reading until I fell asleep. Then waking and reading more. I highly recommend this book to anyone that loves a beautifully written love story.

My favorite reading app


Love my nook!

I would have given it a 5 star rating but for the facts that I can’t buy books from my iPad app (have get them at Barnes & Noble’s website), and, no discounts on nook books (only available on paper copy). Otherwise I like electronic books from Barnes & Noble’s wide variety and because I can carry my whole book library with me everywhere I go, on my iPhone/iPad.


For several weeks now I am no longer able to purchase books from nook. I even lost most of the books in my library in my attempt to fix this issue. After contacting Nook’s helpline I was given instructions (which I followed faithfully and am still unable to retrieve my missing library. The Nook app no longer works for iPhones.

Prepare to have little choice

There are 4 items available as I open the app. There are perhaps three areas out of those where one can say in what genres they are interested. Looking at a book of some interest, it cannot be purchased using the app, only from Barnes and Noble or Nook. So for me? A useless advertisement for Barnes and Noble. Uninstalled.


When I go about 30 minutes to an hour I get an error and have to download the book again!!

Needs purchase option

I’m pretty sure there isn’t a purchase option is because Apple wants you to buy from their iBooks app. Lame. This app works great except for the fact you can’t buy books. You have to do it through your browser first.

Constantly re-downloading

Every time I open the app I have to download my book again! It’s so frustrating!

Beauty and the Beast so good

Discovered a new favorite author. Now I need to REQD some more of her works. These two were so good.

C’mon Apple...

Allow us to purchase the book from the sample.

Why don't you want me to buy books?

I've been a long-time nook supporter, but I HATE that I can't buy a book on the app! What's the point of a mobile reader if I need to transfer over to the website and login to purchase something?

Love, Love, Love this app

Before I discovered this app, I was carrying around so many devices. It was such a hassle! So much so, that my favorite pastime became a chore and I found myself not wanting to read. Now... I have this wonderful app and I carry ONE DEVICE! I love reading again. Thank you Barnes and Noble. You have certainly made me a customer for LIFE!!

Does all I need

I've used the nook for quite some time and I find the magazines have excellent resolution and even though I miss the smell of print it still gives me a close experience to reading from the page. I also appreciate being able to see books with graphics in high detail. Finally I appreciate there being a viable option to amazon by a company that actually supports books and reading.


This is the first app I look at each morning before work, on my break and at lunch! I love this app ❤️


I love the books to read but the game Nook is boring

Material Witness, Lisa Mondello

Downloaded material witness by Lisa Mondello, pandered to me as “free” and after reading 138 pages, the “free” book simple ends and moves on to the next of the Mondello stories. Very disappointing that NOOK, BARNES&NOBLE, and MONDELLO would do this as I actually enjoyed the book as far as it went.

What did you do to this app??

I can’t download any of my previously bought nook books, I can’t search for new books in the store..... Seriously, what did you do with this last update?!

Great for grad school

Helpful to have all the readings in the same platform and be able to use highlight and notes tool.

App keeps losing place in book.

The most recent update keeps starting my book over from the beginning.


No need to carry an additional device to read your books. This app allows one to read the books purchases from Barnes & Noble on your phone or iPad. Highly recommended. I can read from my iPad or iPhone or Windows PC an the program remembers where I left off.

Love the app...let us buy books from it!

Love the app for reading. Wish I could buy books from it though instead of having to go to the website or digging out my Nook to buy books. Cumbersome. More and more people are moving away from extra devices and doing everything on their phones. Time to catch up.

Have to Redownload Book

It’s absolutely ridiculous that I have to re-download the book I’m reading every time I open the app. I went to read my book on the bus, and couldn’t because it had to be redownloaded and I didn’t have access to WiFi. Please fix this!


How do I get rid of the "Articleview"button? It's highly annoying, it blocks several words in magazines. Yes I understand what it does, and I don't want that function.


I love this easy to use app💕💕

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