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Crashes while trying to open

I have not been able to use the app on my iPhone for the last few updates. I was able to use on my old iPad, which has not had iOS updates as it’s too old to handle. How to remedy?

great application

This is the iPhone application I use the most.

Great convenient app

Fantastic app, great service. I have 4 nook readers from small to large. all work great and are easy to use and display reading material very well. The app makes it very easy to purchase books, magazines and newspapers. Now it's on my iPads and I've never had a problem using the app on any of them.

Changing things without notice

I’m disappointed and upset that you pushed out a change to how my Nook is set up without any warning. If you are going to change things to make them “better”, I would appreciate a heads up and then an explanation as to what you changed. Some of your loyal customers don’t want the new look and it was not better for those of us who bought and enjoyed the Nook the “original “ way. I’m very frustrated and I have no reason to stay loyal to someone who thinks so little of their customers.

Excellent Reading App!

I’ve had this for over three years and enjoy ebooks on it daily on my phone. Most convenient way for an avid reader to grab a book anytime and anywhere. No glitches and no delays unlike another popular reading app. Nook is my #1 preference. Highly recommend.

My Nook

Have 5 Nooks and love each one, my favorite nook is the first nook Barnes and Nobles nook. Is easy to carry, do not have to carry 3 are 4 books with me on vacation, just slip my nook in my purse great.

Nook books.

All the pages are now blank in all my nook books from you. Not happy in the middle of Juror # 3.

Having trouble

Having trouble

Okay book

Okay book

I just love my Nook

I’ve been a fan of Nook since the beginning. I’ve had the first model that had a black and white screen and now have the Galaxy Tab S2 Nook. The Tab S2 is awesome!

Purchase through the app???

Need to improve as we still can’t purchase through the app.

I really like..

I like using the Nook. It’s easy to access your books, read them on my iPad app, and buy books from Barnes & Nobles. I will continue to use this app for a long time.

Listen Nook😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

It is so hard to get a account I went to the website but I could not find where to create an account 😡 please please please make it where you do not have to have a account listen I'm sure this app would be great if I could get an account!!!!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😭😡😭😭😭😭😭😭😇😭😇😇😭


You upgrade nook so the first version became obsolete and now I have to read on my phone. You offer a discount on a new nook and it doesn’t work. What the hell still reading on my phone hone. Terrible customer service

Wild flower

Loved this book.... I will be reading more books by this author...

Love my ‘Nookie’

I rarely buy books any more. I carry my Nook library and Audible library with me wherever I go. Beach, bike, kayak, I’ve always got my stories at hand. I don’t care for Kindle because the text isn’t as easy to access or read. Love my Nookie. 🤗

Look, Nook, you could do better...

Okay, it pretty good, but two stars because they need to find a way to let you purchase from this app!

A great way to read on a number of devices

Have read many nook books and have been almost 100 percent satisfied. A slight glitch in text was rare and never subtracted from the content. I read from either my iPhone or iPad and where I left on one, I picked up right where I left off on the other device. I don't know how they keep track on where I stop on one device - somewhat of a bitter sweet that my reading is somehow tracked in a computer somewhere but the convenience offsets the concern. Overall, an excellent app that is easy to use and certainly convenient when different devices are used.

Love, love, love my Nook!

I use my Nook every day and I love it!!!

Annoying - Book resets to page 1 constantly

This app could be pretty good but has a really annoying habit of opening up to the book cover, having lost the page I left on when I closed the app. Constantly having to try and remember he last thing I read to do searches for various words or phrases. Just today alone, it’s reset itself to the cover 3x. Please, please, please fix this and I’ll be happy to give a much better rating!!

Love my NOOK but please change somethings

I wish Barnes & Nobles carried old books that were out years ago

Is this 1999?

UPDATE October 2018 Had to use Nook again because I received a Barnes and Noble Gift certificate. This app is still SO clunky. The latest is that I set bookmarks that Nook links to the wrong pages. NOT helpful. Nook makes reading a drag. ORIGINAL: Please bring nook and the BN website into 2017. Examples: BN: Don't make me give you my credit card number when I use a gift card. Nook: Offer scrolling view. I'll stick with iBooks.

One because I cannot give it zero

Cannot download my books.

Needs syncing improvement

Love the nook app on my phone/iPod but stopped syncing between my nook Samsung and support was not helpful.

Nook app

Love the app. Goes anywhere I can log in and download m favorite book. Read on any device no matter what page I'm on.

Regarding Nook

I absolutely love my nook!!!!! And B & N make everything so easy!!!

Love it💕💕

Nook has made reading much more enjoyable for me. Being able to find meanings of unfamiliar words with a just tap is amazing. It’s an awesome app😊😊

Killer Chef by James Patterson

I have no idea what this book is about because even though the title on the front cover was in English the book itself was not. I haven’t looked that closely to determine the language, I only know that I can’t read it. I have no idea how to return, or exchange, it. I am not happy with this selection.

Perfect App

I use the Nook app on my iPad and I love it. No problems at all.

Version 4.8 is buggy

This version will not allow multiple profiles. If you share books with anyone, stick with previous app. I'm using it on an iPad so all of Apple's silliness may be affecting proper operation.


Love my Nook. I have trouble seeing and without my Nook I would have to give up reading, which is one of my favorite pastimes ♥️

App not syncing....

Still a problem - I read books on my phone and iPad with the app. The book does not synch across those devices to the correct page. Nor does the app synch with my actual Nook device. I want to use this over Kindle...please fix....still not working.

Terrible. Needs an update!!

The Kindle app is significantly better because of the option of choosing your own colors and the never ending scroll option versus the page flip. Being able to scroll makes it so much easier and faster to read books. Nook/ Barnes and Noble is behind the times and Amazon is going to knock you out if you don’t adapt and keep up.

Great for IOS

If you're in the Apple ecosystem this is a great app. You can read all your Nook books across iPhone & IPad and pick up where you left off reading, regardless of which device you are using. It's easy to change font size and margins, you even have several back round page colors to choose from. Highly recommended!

Horrible download onto iPhone 8 Plus

I have numerous books downloaded to my iPhone 8 Plus application that will not open... books I paid for. I have submitted help requests to B&K and received no assistance. Not pleased at all.

Renee S

Great! No problems, glitches, or frustration (which is as good as it gets today with technology brought to market before truly ready, even by us users!). Have been Nook fan since it came out, so long ago I cannot remember. I truly prefer book in hand for easier flipping, more readable graphics, and better comprehension/retention. But instant gratification has won out, especially when focused on particular author or subject. App version has many more and better features over my old hand reader.


App would be so much better without the glitchiness of the note taking and highlighting feature. It only works when it wants to. As a student who likes to take notes these functions are crucial! I would buy a paperback before buying another book on this app again! Students beware!!!

Impossible to use

I somehow connected from the app to the B&N page where I could create an account. It immediately wouldn’t recognize my account info (e-mail or password), and I couldn’t find the sign-up page again—or any page that even allowed me to sign up. I finally found a page that looked like it would let me sign up, but it wouldn’t let me enter any information. I shouldn’t have to work this hard to give a company my business! I was forced to buy the book I wanted from someone else and ended up deleting the NOOK app as unusable.

Love Nook & Barnes and Noble

After much careful calculation I have determined that I have spent more time in Barnes and Noble than I did in my mother's womb. B&N have given me so many hours of peace and joy. I owe you a lot. Thank you Barnes and Noble. The Nook app is perfect and convenient. Support your local Barnes and Noble. Buy their books. Buy their Nooks. You can read them in a train or on a plane. With a fox or in a box. Read anywhere you wish as long as you buy from Barnes and Noble. Viva Barnes and Noble!!!

Not as good as Kindle ap

Stacks some books together by author, some it doesn’t. Have so many books to go thru would like to have it show the ones completed like Kindle does.

Not good for iPad

When it comes to the iPad, this app is very buggy. Every time I open it I seem to lose at least 1 book from a series and I have to search for it to archive it, and sometimes it still won’t show up. I’ve tried to send feedback but I can’t because the app says my device isn’t configured to send email. I don’t have near as many problems with my iPhone


Would love to see a nook app for my laptop again.

Let’s give Nook our dollars rather than Kindle

If you’re like me and you enjoy going into an actual bookstore, we have to give Barnes and Noble our business whenever possible. It used to be that you could only read Nook books on Nook devices, but that’s no longer the case. You can now download the Nook app for free. Kindle is an Amazon company, and although I love Kindle, Nook is just as good. When a book is on sale in BookBub or BookGorilla, for example, usually you can either buy the Kindle version or the Nook version for the same price! Nook has all the same features, such as highlighting and taking notes. Amazon is a wonderful company, no doubt about it, but we can’t let it destroy ALL the competition or that’s all we’ll be left with! Let’s save Barnes and Noble!

Its a good book reader.

Though it would be nice to have a reader that would 'do' all formats. It provides a sufficiently versatile format for Nook books.

Love the app

Only way to read while traveling When I finish one book I’m only a click from my next book

Nook Book App

App can be slow and I hate the constant double notifications when new books come in. Sometimes it takes a long time for my book pages to move. That could be my iPad or the app but either way it's frustrating. Other than that, I love my Nook Book app.


Sometimes i have no problems others i get a card not authorized. Frustrating


I find the books on the book on online

Can’t purchase books

Why can’t I buy books on this nook apple store app? I never have issues with the app on my androids.

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