NOOK Відгуки

Love this

Best app on my tablet.

Love Nook

I've had my nook since it first came out. I mostly use my iPad and a few years back downloaded to my phone. Huge Nook fan. Over 200 books I've downloaded and love having them all as I travel and run errands.

Not Compatible with iOS11

This app is no longer compatible with the latest version of iOS. Now none of my Nook books are accessible. What a waste of money.

Good stuff

It’s so convenient and they love to let you know when one of the author you follow releases a new book

Why can’t I purchase a book from this app


Lack of User Privacy Controls

Warning: When using the app to browse the Bookstore and view an item, clicking Add to Wishlist places the title in an auto-created public Wishlist. However, the public Wishlist can be modified via the website. The app has a nice layout; it has been stable for my light reading. However, what other unknown content leaking is occurring? Gone are the days when the consumer's input primarily drove IT product design and function. Now, companies create products for their many data-sharing partners to make larger profits indirectly through the data analytics market. The data is not technically Sold because the recipients are deemed partners or affiliates.

This app is great

I love it so much I can use it anywhere

Nook App

Excellent, nothing left to say!!

App not syncing....

I read books on my phone and iPad with the app. The book does not synch across those devices to the correct page. Nor does the app synch with my actual Nook device. I want to use this over Kindle...please fix.

Love the Nook app

I love the Nook app. I no longer have my Nook Color, which I loved too, but I was grateful that when I upgraded to an iPad (many years ago), that I could still read all of my Nook books in the iPad too. Now, I can seamlessly switch between devices and still get to the last spot read on the other device.

I love the app

I enjoyed reading from the app. It is very convenience

No comparison to the Kindle reader

Long-time Kindle user but I was gifted with a B&N gift card and this was my first experience with the Nook product. I was surprised how poorly the Nook reader compared to the Kindle. I found myself missing the Kindle’s features that so enriched the reading experience for me over the years. Particularly the Kindle X-Ray, dictionary, Wikipedia/Google lookup and the exceptional translation features which the Nook just did not have or were glaringly inferior. Surprised B&N hasn’t made a better reader in response to the Kindle.

I like it fine

Overall, I am happy with the app. I don’t have a Nook, and since I cannot buy directly from the Kindle App, I use this one. The prices are fair. I have two complaints. The first is the the formatting is a little wonky at the top of the page. The first line of text is often imposed on top of the header section. It doesn’t make it impossible to read, but it is annoying. The second complaint is that the app doesn’t have an easy way to access bookmarks. I have had times when the app has closed and won’t open immediately to my last bookmark. I have to think back to the last chapter I remember seeing a number or title for and then scroll to find my bookmark. It would be nice if there was a option in the task bar of seeing a list of the bookmarks that had been placed or some quick way of accessing that information.


Lost $38 bucks bc order format kick books out to old address nd no refund

Got to Love It!

I enjoy reading on my nook. It’s made life easy and my books are always on hand. I’m always buying books and rereading those that I really enjoy and also love the fact that I can archive to save storage. I adjust the brightness and the font to what I can read, which you can not do with a hardcover book. I look forward to any and all improvements that are in the future for nook. Something to work on, is I bought a cook book and have to go through everything to get to recipes. Maybe I’m not using the application to the fullest and don’t want to order anymore cook books.🙃 If you have any suggestions, I’m open to them. Thank you for allowing my feed back. Nooks the best!😍 Concetta

Great little book in a pocket

I can it out and read it anytime I wish however I could buy a book while on my phone on my NOOK app

from the bottom of my heart

this app is incredible

Great app

Easy to use. Wish there was an in-app option to buy books, though.

Easy to use

I've enjoyed using Nook to read several books over the summer. I've not had any issues and would recommend it to anyone. I usually order books online and they download quite quickly to my iPad.

Can’t log in.

I have Nook on my iPad and Simple Touch. I can log in on those just fine. Can’t log in on my phone even though I was able to log in on the website with the same username and password. The app tells me either I have the wrong password or that I am locked out, neither of which is true, as I can log in with the same info on their site, on my Nook, and on my iPad. I was hoping to read on breaks at work on my phone, but given I can’t even log in I have deleted the app. Maybe I will try again next time it updates, and I hope then I can leave a better review.

Berlin at War

Excellent well written history of Berlin during WW2.

The Best

Better than iBooks. Supports landscape mode. I' be tried many and this is the best for syncing over various devices.

Love it!

I'm a book person 100%, I have been since grade school, but I also have vision issues (going a bit blind). I had to give up books because the font was too small, even at one point the large print books. Then Nook comes along! I'm in heaven! Only thing I would change is keeping page numbers on the pages, I know I'd I switch devises the page numbers wouldn't be correct, but it would be close. Thank you!


This app is the best!

Stubborn highlight on iPad

App is adequate but highlighter is troublesome. Cannot finger drag the highlight. Have to grab handles and drag them which is not easy to do. I won’t go back to kindle and understand BN does not have the resources Big Brother Amazon has, but seems nook should be further along than this

Average book reading app

Why isn’t there a “only show downloaded books” option?

Would love to rate better..

But half the time it won't download books at all. Pricing is a heap better than itunes, and you can read them on almost any device. But it's all good naught if you can't even download them!

No way to underline!

Highlighting impossible. Disappointed Reader

So many choices

I’ve been using the nook app for around 7 years now. I can read my books and magazines on my phone or iPad or nook device but I can only purchase from my nook. My electronic subscription to people magazine has come in handy more times than I can count and all the old ones are available in the archives.

I love the Nook system

The ability to take my books is worth everything to me.

Need to organize the library

I would like to sub-divide the collection of books in the library so that I could quickly look at choices within a (self) designated group. It would be more convenient for me to look at "new" or " not finished" as opposed to the entire library.

Lovin my book

I looooovvvveee my book!! I just wish they had more free books

My go To Reading App

This is my go to App for accessing and reading all my books. It’s easy to use and easy to organize!

Nook review

Books constantly get removed from device Customer service is overseas and not very good


Sorry to say Kindle app is much better. This is quite slow to load. I have a reference book (patterns) on this app that would use more often if the app opened at a decent speed. Long wait to open, then I get to see (but not change) the page the app thinks I was on last (50/50 chance of it being right). Then another pause until I can turn a page. I wish I had purchased this book on Amazon. Other books are fine, but I still prefer Kindle for so many reasons.

Nook is great

I read a lot. The Kindle app has always annoyed me because it does not use page numbers. Nook is the closest to reading an actual book that I’ve found, only better, because it remembers where I stopped reading and takes me right to the page when I open the app. Love it.

Great reader...

But I would like to be able to purchase books directly from the app.

Does its job but room for improvement.

The app is sluggish when flipping through pages and trying to highlight items compared to iBooks. Also, there is no support for multi-tasking. I’m currently using it to read a text book and would like to slit the screen so I can take notes. This works with iBooks and other apps but not with the nook app. The other day a whole displayed as blank and later the text reappeared. I like the table of contents search feature. Easy to use quick response.

A really helpful feature would be

Love the app use it all the time. A really helpful future would be some sort of check box so that you know you’ve read a book. When your library gets big it’s hard to remember if you’ve read something or not. Just a suggestion

Woody’s Nook

Fantastic tool for reading. Small & convenient with great graphics and screen backgrounds.

Is it Free???

Its really annoying when you look up free book appand this appears.


Horrible you have to sign in and I don’t have ANY accounts but my school ones so DO NOT DOWNLOAD this APP

Love my nook

Love my nook because I’m transferring all of the manga books I read to the nook yea😘

I like Nook

The app works easily and I enjoy reading my Nook books. The reasons why I don't give the app 5 stars are very personal: 1) I wish the page numbers always showed and 2) I wish the menu items in the top right were spread out across the top so I wouldn't have to go through 2 steps to, for instance, look up a highlighted word. Otherwise it's a dream.

It deleted my documents

Every thing seem ok , except it deleted my document.

I love NOOK

I’m currently using my 3rd Nook. It’s the largest size with a light. I’m so happy that I decided several years ago to purchase it over the Kindle. You can do everything with it! Check email, Facebook, Camera, Excel, play game and most importantly, read to your ‘‘heart’s content.” I’ve been very pleased with Barnes & Nobles. It’s still nice to have hard copy books too! I’m happy to receive emails from BobBooks too. Lots of great reading selections at reduced prices and free! I Love my NOOK...

Can’t buy the book

I can’t buy the book by of some unknown reason :(

App does not work

Using on an iPad Pro 10.5 and it constantly crashes. I have tried rebooting and reinstalling several times. It is really unfortunate because my son had a few books we bought and now we can not open them. All I get is a white screen. Please fix! It now will open, but does not respond during setup to the “swipe for next page” animation. You can not continue setup. App is completely non functional.

No wonder people use Amazon or Apple books!

I want to buy a book. I don’t want to read the sample then get an email. I want to buy the book. Why do I constantly have to wait to read a book? Just make it simple. I want to purchase the book. How does this app have 5 stars?

Error loading book

I just purchased ‘a canticle for leibowitz’ but after aI download it I get an error when I try to load the book

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