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Love it

I love my nook app. I use it over the iBooks app on my iPhone.

Love it!

Love the new app...

NOOK Review

I absolutely LOVE the NOOK app. I can read my books and magazines whenever I want. I take the train to work everyday and have lots of time to catch up on my novels. Best thing ever.

Nook on iPad and reader.

The only way to read! We have completely changed our reading habits from books through periodicals ending in the daily New Paper. Sorry library no more donations.

Better than iBooks

The best ebook reader app on IOS, in my view. 1. Allows me to properly dim the display. 2. Better layout. 3 Books do not disappear and reappear like on iBooks. 4. Better customization.

Its a good app, could use tweaking

Overall the app is solid, the only things that keeps it from a five is that the generic ebooks I already have I cant put in the app but they dont store on my Nook cloud since they were not Nook Book purchase. The second is to allow a way to edit or change the book covers. To free classics that I loaded simply show as a weird digital icon

The app

The nook app is cool and I like it how it seems up with the last page on the HD


I enjoy Nook books . I love taking my books everywhere and when done with one I just got onto another book. I dont have to carry big books in my purse.

Good app

I enjoy using the Nook app, its had some recent most needed updates to their apps recently that will help them compete with their competition. Nook app is a slower reacting app versus kindle or IBooks which is something they need to improve upon.

Prefer paper books

Cant figure out how to move books between shelves. Mostly books I have a but some are a series and I want to group by author. Also how do you delete or hide books when you are done? Dont own very many yet and I am already seriously annoyed!

Love it!

I am never without my Nook, it goes where I go. When I binge read I use the actual Nook, and the iPad app and Galaxy app.

Works fine

Reading magazines on it, with the zoom feature working well, is particularly good.

Love the nook!!

I love being able to switch between my nook and the app!!!


I hate that I cannot do a search for particular authors like the previous apps or purchase books directly on this app. I have to go on the B & N website which is inconvenient. At least iBooks gives you that option

Love the NOOK app

Easy to search for books and quick to download once the books are purchased but would like to actually purchase in the app instead of having to do so through the internet.

Good app

This is a good, but not yet great app. Sorting books well is not yet available. Most of the time seeing the full title or information like he number the title is in a series does not show fully. I cant see an easy way to put titles I have read in one area and unread titles in another location. As I said, just good. My Nook broke about two months ago. Trying to decide if. Can live with just reading on m iPad Mini. Fonts are good. Color covers look great. As a former librarian, I need much more sorting power. This app is too simple to make me really happy.


I love this app! Connects to my Nook with no problem!

Great resource!

Having the Nook app is great! I have it on all my iDevices and it conveys the latest bookmark between devices too. I can read even without a connection and light is never a problem regardless of ambient lighting. My wife and I share the library too.

Excessive storage used

For some reason, nook storage is over 300mb and no books downloaded. All tech support has been able to do is multiple sign outs and reinstalls. This behavior cant be normal. I have other reading apps with dozens of books downloaded and the storage used is correct.

Great reading app!

Love that I can read on my nook and then go to the same spot on my phone! User friendly and lots of ways to customize my reading experience

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